Directions and Information for 'Mindful Afternoon' at Kenchoji Temple, Kita-Kamakura, on April 29th, 2024


For those attending the 'Afternoon of Mindfulness' at Kenchoji Temple in North Kamakura on April 29th, here's some guidance for the day:


Event: Afternoon of Mindfulness with Sister Kinh Nghiem at Kenchoji Temple, Kita-Kamakura


Date and Time: April 29, 2024 (Monday, Public Holiday), from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Venue: Kenchoji-Temple, Tokugetsuro (Reception starts around 12:30 PM)


Directions within Kenchoji Temple grounds:


After 12:30 PM, our staff members will be standing near the ticket booth inside So-mon, the main gate to check your name. Please provide the name you registered with to receive complimentary admission.


After registration, proceed towards the inner part of the temple ground, passing through the San-mon Gate, Butsu-den (Buddha Hall), and Hatto (Dharma Hall). Next to the Daikuri, you'll find the main entrance.


At the end of the path is the main entrance.


 Once inside the mainentrance Daigenkan, please remove your shoes and go upstairs on the right side. The hall upstairs is Tokugetsuro, our venue.



 Please note: It takes approximately 5-6 minutes to walk straight from the main gate to Tokugetsuro. If you prefer a leisurely walk, admiring the main hall and other sights, it may take about 10 minutes.



You can leave your footwear in the shoeboxes provided or carry them in the plastic bags hanging inside the entrance to ensure their safety during the event.


 At Tokugetsuro, please contribute your participation fee to the blue donation box. (Proceeds will support mindfulness outreach activities and disaster relief for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake.)


Transportation Options:


Walking: Approximately 10-15 minutes from JR Kita-Kamakura Station or 20 minutes from Kamakura Station.


Bus: Buses are available from Kita-Kamakura Station and Kamakura Station, but traffic congestion is common during holidays, causing delays. Please allow extra time for your journey.

From Kita-Kamakura Station: Take the Enoden Bus bound for Kamakura Station East Exit (approximately 5 minutes under normal conditions).

From Kamakura Station: Take the Enoden Bus bound for Kamakura Station East Exit or the Ofuna Station East Exit (approximately 6 minutes under normal conditions).

Nearest Bus Stop: Kenchoji Temple

On the Day:


Mindfulness practice has its roots in Buddhist monastic tradition. If possible, we invite you to assist with setting up cushions or engage in light cleaning tasks mindfully as working meditation.


As the venue is a revered Zen temple, we kindly ask for your cooperation in maintaining its aesthetics, including keeping the place clean and tidy and organizing footwear when using the restroom.


During the program, excluding Q&A sessions and sharing circles, there may be some photography or recording. If you prefer not to have your images or videos published on our website or elsewhere, please inform us via email at


For those willing to contribute to mindfulness outreach and for dharma teachers, please consider making a donation to the blue donation box.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at


We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow to Kita-Kamakura, adorned with fresh greenery and blossoms, for an afternoon of mindfulness practice, healing, and relaxation with Sister Kinh Nghiem.


With warm regards and a lotus,


Heart of Yokohama Sangha